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Student Survey
Student Survey > Elementary 2014-15 > Respond to this Survey  

Elementary 2014-15: Respond to this Survey

Dear BPS Student,

Who cares what you think?  We do!  This survey is about your classroom experience with 21st century skills, safety, and bullying.  What you think makes a difference and will help your teachers, principal, and school district employees make changes to improve your school experience.

This survey should take you about 15 minutes to complete, and your answers to the questions are 100% confidential!  Thank you so much for your help by taking the first annual student survey.


Brian T. Binggeli, Ed. D., Superintendent

* indicates a required field
I attend the following school: *

My grade level: *
I have a computer with Internet access at home:
I think it is important to do the following (check all that apply):
How do you see yourself? (check all that apply):
For each statement below, please click the button that most closely describes you.
  Never Sometimes Often 
I always try to do what is right. _______________________ 
I think about the consequences of the choices I make. _______________________ 
I think about how my choices affect others. _______________________ 
I am challenged to do my best at school in the following ways:
  Never Sometimes Often 
Working with others to solve problems. ______________________ 
Participating in the teaching and learning process. ______________________ 
Demonstrating that I have learned the information through projects, discussions, demonstrations. ______________________ 
I believe my school work will help me later in life (choose the one answer that most closely describes you):
When completing research, how do you know if you can trust that the information is good and useful information?
  I do not trust it I question it I trust it 
  12345I don't know.
The author is known. _______________________ 
The information provided comes from several sources. _______________________ 
The date published is recent. _______________________ 
A friend shared the information. _______________________ 
It's the top result of my Google/Bing search. _______________________ 
I found it on a school database (Gale, Infotrack, Marshall Cavendish, etc.). _______________________ 
It looks believable. _______________________ 
It has lots of advertisements. _______________________ 
During the school day, I have opportunities to use technology to create projects in the following classes:
  Never Sometimes Often 
  12345I don't know
Math _________________________ 
Science _________________________ 
Social Studies _________________________ 
Reading _________________________ 
Art _________________________ 
Music _________________________ 
Media _________________________ 
Physical Education _________________________ 
How well are you learning the following 21st Century skills at school? For each skill, choose the answer that most closely describes you:
  Poor Somewhat Excellent 
  12345I don't know
Teamwork (working in groups, sharing responsibility) _________________________ 
Effective communication (speaking, writing, listening) _________________________ 
Meaningful projects (critical thinking, problem solving, creativity) _________________________ 
Practical use of technology (presentations, word processing, spreadsheets) _________________________ 
Real-world issues (environmental, community, healthy life style) _________________________ 
How to do research (finding books, articles, reliable online information) _________________________ 
Organizational skills (planning, prioritizing, budgeting) _________________________ 
Personal character (work ethic, leadership, independence) _________________________ 
I have learned about online safety at school.
If you answered NO to the previous question, where have you learned about online safety?
Have you ever (check all that apply):
I have done the following: (check all that apply)
For the following statements regarding online bullying (cyber-bullying), please use the following definition:
Online (cyber)-bullying:  when someone uses a computer to make fun of, threaten, or attack another person.
  Never Sometimes Often 
  12345I don't know
I am or have been cyber-bullied. _______________________ 
My friends are or have been cyber-bullied. _______________________ 
If you answered "sometimes" or "often" (buttons 3, 4, or 5) to the previous question, please explain.

If I were being cyber-bullied, I would do the following (check all that apply):
If you answered "none of these" to the previous question, please write in the box below what you would do if you were being cyber-bullied.

At school this year, the following has happened to me (check all that apply):
I feel safe at school:
If you answered NO to the previous question, where don't you feel safe? (Check all that apply). If you answered YES, please skip this question.
For the previous three questions, if your answer choice was not available, please type any additional information in the box below.

Please let us know what is going well at your school (type your comments in the space below).

Please let us know what could be improved at your school (type your comments in the space below).