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BPS-TV Viewer Survey: View Response #635

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Do you live in Brevard County?

Yes, full time 

Please enter your Zip Code


What is the primary way you see BPS-TV programming? (Select one response only)

Bright House Networks Cable TV 

How many times in the last month did you watch BPS-TV programming? (Select one response only)

6 – 10 times 

On average, about how many hours per week do you watch BPS-TV? (Select one response only)

1 to 4 hours 

How would you rate the overall quality of BPS-TV? (Select one response only)


In the below list of BPS-TV programming, please indicate if you watch these shows Frequently, Occasionally or Not At All.

  Watch Frequently Watch Occassionally Do Not Watch 
  123No Opinion
School Board Meetings ___________________________ 
Sound Waves (student music showcase) ___________________________ 
Brainstorm (student quiz show) ___________________________ 
The Superintendent’s Forum ___________________________ 
Morning Children’s Programming ___________________________ 
Afternoon Foreign Language Programming ___________________________ 
Parenting Information Shows ___________________________ 
Adult Education Shows (GED Connection, TV411) ___________________________ 
NASA Educational Shows ___________________________ 
Sunday Night Classic Film Series ___________________________ 
Classic Arts Showcase (late night programming) ___________________________ 

In the following list of BPS-TV programs, please tell us if you think they are Very Important, Somewhat Important or Not Important.

  Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important 
  123No Opinion
Televised School Board Meetings ___________________________ 
Locally Produced Shows Featuring Students ___________________________ 
Commercial Free Childrens Educational Programming ___________________________ 
Foriegn Language Programming ___________________________ 
Arts Programming ___________________________ 
Nature Programming ___________________________ 
Parenting Information Programming ___________________________ 
Child Safety Programming ___________________________ 
Professional Development Programming For Teachers ___________________________ 
High School Sports ___________________________ 
Public Service Announcements ___________________________ 

In the below list of other TV channels, please tell us if you watch these Frequently, Occassionally or Not At All.

  Watch Frequently Watch Occassionally Do Not Watch 
  123No Opinion
Children's Channels (Nickelodeon, Disney) ___________________________ 
Local Central Florida Channels (WESH, WFTV, WKMG, WOFL) ___________________________ 
Public TV (WBCC, WMFE, WCEU) ___________________________ 
News (CNN, MSNBC, Fox) ___________________________ 
Sports (ESPN, SunSports) ___________________________ 
Major Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) ___________________________ 
Cable Networks (TBS, TNT, WGN) ___________________________ 
Adult Educational (Discovery, History, TLC) ___________________________ 
How To Channels (HGTV, Food Network) ___________________________ 
Music Channels (MTV, VH1) ___________________________ 
Pay Channels (HBO, Showtime) ___________________________ 
Government (CSPAN, Space Coast Gov TV) ___________________________ 
Shopping (HSN, QVC) ___________________________ 

When do you watch TV? (Select all that apply)

Early Morning (6 am to 8 am) 

Do you have children who attend a Brevard Public School? (Or if you are under 18, are you currently attending a Brevard Public School?)


If "yes", what type of public school do you or your children attend? (Select all that apply)

Elementary School 

Are you or someone in your household currently employed by Brevard Public Schools?


Do you have a high speed (broadband) internet connection?


Have you ever watched school board meetings or BPS-TV programming as streaming video on the web?


Have you ever visited the BPS-TV website ( to check the online programming schedule?


Would you be interested in watching BPS-TV programming on your mobile phone?


Do you use Twitter, the online message service?


How often do you watch videos on YouTube?


Do you own a High Definition television (HDTV)?


Do you use a TiVo video recording device?


How often do you use Video On Demand (VOD) services offered by your cable or satellite TV provider?


If you have Bright House Networks digital cable, do you have BPS-TV programmed as one of your “favorite” channels?


If you own a business would you be interested in underwriting BPS-TV programming?


If you would like additional information about program underwriting, please provide your business name and contact information:


Would you be interested in making a tax deductible donation to help support BPS-TV programming?


If you answerd yes to the above question, please enter your email address and we’ll send you details about how to make a donation.


What is your main source for news and information about Brevard County? (Select one response only)

Florida Today 

Please answer the following demographic information: Are you male or female?


Your Ethnicity


Your Age

18 – 25 

Your Highest Level Of Education

College Graduate - Associate or Bachelor Degree 

How many people are in your household?

Are there any non-English speaking people in your household?


Are there any hearing impaired people in your household?


Annual Household Income

$25,000 to $50,000 

If you have any general comments or suggestions about BPS-TV you may enter them here: chi phí phẫu thuật trĩ; bệnh dài bao quy đầu; bệnh tinh hoàn; bao quy đầu bị sưng; chi phí điều trị liệt dương; chữa hiếm muộn ở đâu; chữa hẹp bao quy đầu ở đâu; dương vật mọc mụn; đau rát dương vật; mụn thịt ở dương vật; sưng bao quy đầu; tư vấn sức khỏe nam giới; biểu hiện viêm niệu đạo; dương vật nổi hạch; mụn ở đầu dương vật; bệnh viêm cổ tử cung; viêm nhiễm phụ khoa; chi phí chữa viêm âm đạo; bệnh viêm vùng chậu; giá khám phụ khoa; ngứa rát vùng kín; phá thai ở đâu; polyp tử cung; viêm lộ tuyến độ 2; bị đau nhói ở vùng kín; biểu hiện của viêm lộ tuyến nặng; dấu hiệu viêm buồng trứng; ngứa phụ khoa; bệnh kim la; gai sinh dục nữ mọc ở đâu; mọc mụn ở vùng kín; xét nghiệm hpv ở đâu; chi phí đốt sùi mào gà; chi phí phẫu thuật trĩ; phòng khám đa khoa tốt; phòng khám phá thai an toàn; bệnh trĩ; bệnh viện khám buổi tối; phòng khám bộ phận sinh dục nam; xét nghiệm tinh dịch đồ; triệu chứng sùi mào gà; phòng khám kinh đô; phòng khám bệnh lậu; bệnh tiểu đêm ở nam giới; phẫu thuật trĩ bao nhiêu tiền; đầu chim bị đỏ; đầu dương vật nổi mụn; phòng khám nam khoa; phòng khám phụ khoa; phòng khám sùi mào gà; cắt bao quy đầu; chi phí đốt viêm lộ tuyến; phá thai có đau không; cách chữa tiểu buốt; khám phụ khoa có đau không; chữa vô sinh hiếm muộn; ngứa bìu tinh hoàn; phì đại quyến tiền liệt; viêm đường tiết niệu; ngứa mép vùng kín; khám bệnh lậu ở đâu; chi phí đốt sùi mào gà; khám bệnh giang mai ở đâu; xét nghiệm bệnh giang mai ở đâu; xét nghiệm bệnh lậu ở đâu; xét nghiệm bệnh sùi mào gà; xét nghiệm bệnh xã hội; dịch trắng ở vùng kín; bệnh sùi mào gà ở bộ phận sinh dục nữ; cắt hẹp bao quy đầu ở đâu; chữa bệnh liệt dương ở đâu; chữa bệnh xuất tinh sớm ở đâu; vá màng trinh ở đâu; các cách bỏ thai; nổi mụn ngứa ở vùng kín nữ; mụn ngứa ở vùng kín; các bệnh ở bộ phận sinh dục nam; khám chữa bệnh nam khoa; các bệnh về tinh hoàn; các phương pháp cắt bao quy đầu;

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