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Strategic Plan



A Roadmap for Brevard Public Schools
Superintendent Brian T. Binggeli, calling for a new, shared vision of education, initiated a strategic planning process that involved a renewed fundamental connection between the Florida Department of Education, The School Board, and the individual schools to define what education should be and would be in Brevard County for the future.
Dr. Binggeli believes that Brevard Public Schools is at a crossroads. Because of the challenges of changing student/community demographics, the new technology-rich pervasive learning that impacts teaching, and the complex role of education in our society today, Superintendent Binggeli set Brevard on a five-year strategic plan to ensure the best access and opportunities for Brevard’s students, while increasing educator effectiveness, raising standards, and deepening the level of district efficiencies.
The Road Ahead: Strategic Plan, which embodies our idea of the future, its values and mission, and its commitment to accountability, articulates our pursuit of excellence in education by focusing on each student achieving academic success. The Strategic Plan outlines a five-year vision to support students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The School Board of Brevard County will review the plan annually. Progress towards this vision is measured through outcome indicators that are organized under four priority areas.
1. Student Achievement
2. Safe, Healthy and Productive Learning and Work
3. Capable and Engaged Workforce
4. Fiscal Responsibility and Organizational Effectiveness

 Outcome Indicators

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 Current Strategic Plan

  2013-2018 Strategic Plan

 Archived Plans

2012-2013 Strategic Plan
2004-2005 Strategic Plan
2005-2006 Strategic Plan
2006-2007 Strategic Plan
2007-2008 Strategic Plan
2008-2009 Strategic Plan
2009-2010 Strategic Plan
2010-2011 Strategic Plan
2011-2012 Strategic Plan

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